Thursday, April 12, 2007

Artistic Tales: My son's paintings

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How proud am I of my son's achievements!!! Two years of hard work has produced this body of work for his school finals. Countless hours spent on his workbooks, many failed experiments, days of trailing through museums looking for inspiration and so much more supported this journey of artistic discovery.

In his own words :

Self portraiture and music are the two dominant themes of my work. Music has been a major influence to my artistic creativity, though it is not always apparent in all my paintings. Music, being so fundamental to who I am, is expressed abstractly when I depict myself, regardless of the physical subject. The self-portrait is an outlet for the music inside me. Each stroke, each colour and each contrast in my paintings is an expression of the music I am inspired by, and the music I create. Being of Indian ethnicity, the Indian culture has intrigued and fascinated me, and influenced my work. However, having been brought up outside India, my identity has never been clear.

My exploration of self-portraits has been an exploration of self, a path to self-discovery. Using self-portraits, I chart myself onto something palpable and concrete. I feel that with each painting, another aspect of my character is revealed.

During my extensive research I have found inspiration in the works of artists like Lucien Freud, Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The study of their use of light, colour, and technique has enabled me to discover and develop my own style of painting.

During this period of development, I have experimented with a number of media, styles and textures. I feel a special affinity for the usage of acrylic paints, especially in using collage techniques and modelling paste. Through this, I discovered my strength of communicating strong emotion and expression in my work.

When I started the course I was unsure of myself and worked strictly from photographs. With time and research my improved confidence and technical ability allowed me to develop personal ideas with little reliance on secondary resource materials. I feel that my greatest improvement has been in self-portraiture where I have grown in assurance, ability and evocative expression, while at the same time journeying through the intensely personal path of self-discovery.

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